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What can you learn from the ultimate sex symbol, James Bond, to be more desirable to women

Since ancient times, men have been concerned with one pivotal question. Men have always wanted to know what would make them more attractive to the opposite sex. Billions of articles, self-help books, coaching classes, etc., have been formulated to answer this question. Yet the answer to this simple question has not been found.

It is a universal truth that James Bond is considered the ultimate man. His style, persona, etc., are widely copied. He is a role model to men and wildly attractive to women. Therefore, what can you learn from the character of James Bond and the life of the actor who portrayed James Bond on the silver screen?

What makes James Bond the ultimate man?

Actor Sean Connery announced his “Bond, James Bond” screen name on 5th October 1962. The character made its way into the hearts, minds, and souls of men and women worldwide. 

Have plenty of sex and keep your senses satisfied

Women like experienced men. James Bond risks his life for him almost daily. He keeps his senses satisfied by having plenty of consensual sex. This makes him a very experienced man in bed who knows the likes and dislikes of women. 

The point is that women cannot resist this incredibly experienced bedfellow famous for his sexual romps worldwide.

Sex can be a great stress reliever.

As a secret agent, life is tough. However, James Bond can use his great style and charisma to hook up with exotic, beautiful women worldwide. He uses sex as a stress reliever to deal with his unpredictable and danger-prone life. 

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Art imitated life in the case of James Bond.

In the case of James Bond, art imitated life. During the filming of Goldfinger, Sean Connery was known to party till the wee hours of the morning. According to media reports, Sean Connery would be very, very accessible to beautiful women during the filming of the movie in beautiful Switzerland. However, he would party with beautiful, exotic women every night and go to bed at 3 a.m. However, in true James Bond style, he would report to work by 7 or 8 in the morning. However, this life of sex, money and luxury did not come easy to James Bond.

Was it due to the movie’s incredible budget and promotion that James Bond became so popular? 

Contrary to popular belief, the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, did not even have a proper budget. The author of the James Bond novels, Ian Fleming, wanted to cast Cary Grant for the role of James Bond. However, producers Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli could only manage 1 million dollars as the movie’s budget. Then, Cary Grant was already a world-famous movie star. Cary Grant commanded a salary of 1 million at that time. Therefore, they could not even afford to cast the actor of their choice. 

What kind of people are recruited by the secret service in Real life?

According to research, the secret service recruits people with extreme anxiety disorders. These people are incredibly fearful and are always looking for danger. The upside is that these people are highly observant and can sense danger. They are capable of detecting minimal, minuscule changes in their environment. Post recruitment, they are given special training about controlling their morbid anxiety levels. This frees them as a person, and they can enjoy their freedom. Therefore, the style and elan of a James Bond that almost everyone in the world appreciates overcame his weakness, turned them into his strength and used it to protect his queen and country. Of course, he also developed himself to become a great lover. The added benefit of his dangerous lifestyle is that he was able to have access to the most beautiful women across the world. His sense of style and charisma enabled him to score with women across the globe.

What makes the screen James Bond a great lover who women love all over the world

James Bond is a compassionate man. Women love him as a great lover. The reason is that he is able than sensitive observation skills to understand women, allowing him to be the lover women want. Of course, he prioritizes his love for his country over his love for women. Research has shown that women love a man who lives for a higher purpose even though they may grumble about his absence. They appreciate Bond’s love for his country and the fact that he risks his life for his queen and land on a government salary. 

What can you learn from the life of the actor whose name is synonymous with the sex symbol, James Bond?

They cast a struggling actor in his early 30s who spoke English with a heavy Scottish accent. The actor who was released in the role of James Bond did not even have a hit movie under his belt in a lead role. Sean Connery had grown up poor and worked as a milk delivery boy, coffin polisher, nude model for artists, etc., and tried his hand at competitive bodybuilding. He had competed in the 1953 IFBB Mr. Universe in London. He had placed 16th in that competition. In the aforesaid competition, only the top 15 placers were announced. The remaining competitors were all placed 16th. In other words, he had placed last when he tried his hand at competitive bodybuilding. 

Before his stint in competitive bodybuilding last, Sean Connery had also tried to make his career in the British Royal Navy. However, he could not find success in the Navy. He was discharged on health grounds for having stomach ulcers. Therefore, placing last in the 1953 IFBB Mr. Universe could have been the final nail in the coffin of a failure called Sean Connery.

Women like to go to bed with experienced and successful men.

The days that make you a star emanated from the worst day of your life 

In other words, on 7th July 1953, at the Royal Hotel, The Wolbum Place, London, a failure nicknamed Big Tom hit rock bottom at the IFBB Mr. Universe Competition. Did he give up? No. 

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He was informed by a fellow competitor that an audition was being held for a bit part in a Broadway Show called South Pacific. Probably because he had no other option, Sean Connery auditioned for this small part and got the bit part. Sean Connery was probably paid around 10 to 15 bucks per week for his bit part in this Broadway play, South Pacific.

He struggled and managed to get parts for three more years. However, he got a break in 1957 by being cast in the British version of an American Television Series, The requiem of a Heavyweight. Jack Palance was the lead actor in the American version, but he refused to be cast in the British Version as he was feeling homesick and probably did not want to spend time away from his friends and family in the United States. The portrayal of a boxer got actor Sean Connery noticed. He also changed his name from Tomas Connery to a more attractive Sean Connery between 1953 and 1956. This brings to light a significant fact. Actor Sean Connery was continuously learning from his struggles. It is almost a divine intervention that Sean Connery would be Knighted by the Queen of England on 5th July 2000, almost exactly 47 years after the day he had hit rock bottom. 

Learning from your struggles. Struggling to the top.

The unknown Sean Connery was paid a mere 20 thousand bucks for his role as James Bond in the first Bond movie, Dr. No. However, nine years later, in 1971, he made an unprecedented 6 million plus dollars for his 6th movie as James Bond; Diamond is forever. The moviegoers so loved him that he became powerful enough to dictate terms to his directors, producers, agents, etc. Previously, Hollywood agents would receive the payments on behalf of the actors, and they would keep their percentage and then pay the actors. However, Sean Connery’s clout grew so powerful that he would be one of the first actors to get paid directly and then make the payment to his agent.

Women would like to have sex with a man they respect

Research has shown that women marry and have sex with men they admire. You can spend a lot of time with a woman as a friend who expects sex. However, you are likely to get friend-zoned. However, the woman will marry, have sex, and desire the man who has a higher purpose in life and is also sensitive to their desires as a lover. 

Women love a man with a sensitive heart and an appetite for danger

The dangerous man is sought after by women as he will be able to rise to the occasion and protect her under hazardous circumstances. This is the reason why a man with great fighting and self-defense skills is considered attractive by women all over the world.

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A man who does not complain about the troubles of his life and makes the best of the situation he is put in is loved by women.

As aforesaid, James Bond is a person who loves his country. He puts himself in danger to protect his country from harm. He does not complain about his tough life. He uses the opportunity to dress immaculately and represent his profession in the best way possible. A man who can make lemonade from the bitter lemons he is handed by life is loved by women.

Women love a man with a sense of humor.

James Bond movies are well known for their one-liner, which oozes charm and shows that James Bond has a great sense of humor. It is said that if you look deeply into a joke, you will be able to see the tragedy in it. Research has shown that almost 100 percent of the women in studies worldwide have prioritized their prospective mates having a great sense of humor. 

The question is, why do women love a man with a great sense of humor? Laughter is a great stress reliever. It is medically proven that laughter releases anti-stress hormones and exercises over 50 muscles in the body. It has also been said that laughter is the best medicine. 

Life does not always move on an even keel. Life can get tricky. Humor is a weapon that can be used to deal effectively with life’s stressors.

Smooth seas never made a good sailor.

This saying sums up in 5 words what you should learn from James Bond, the ultimate sex symbol. James Bond’s life is not easy. He has dealt with numerous attacks which could have proved fatal. It includes attacks by super-villains who cut him in half using industrial lasers, tried to get hungry sharks to eat him alive, etc. However, he has survived all these attacks and has come out on top. This has expanded his comfort zone. He is confident he can come out on top of any dangerous situation. This ability to brace yourself for a challenge and come out on top is something you can learn from James Bond. This will also make you wildly attractive to women. 

Work hard, play harder.

The essential quality of James Bond and the actor who played the part was his professionalism. They were known for their wild parties and sexual romps worldwide. However, when it came to work, they were consummate professionals. The women love this quality. The licensed-to-kill, sex-loving character of James Bond was nicknamed Mr.Kiss-kiss-bang-bang by the media.

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