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Seduce escorts in public until they are wet in their panties

Escorts, as we know, are women who generally work through agencies or independently provide many services like a partner, besides sex. There are various agencies all over India and the world providing such services. Some of them are very popular, like the Goa call girls and Goa escorts found around the Mall road area in Goa.

Pleasuring an escort is somewhat like pleasing a partner as these women are hired for their overall company and behave like companions. Read along to learn some tips to seduce these skilful women.

  • Use a deeper voice to talk to them when in public

Escorts already expect you to make a move on them, even in public. Therefore, catch them off-guard. Speak to them in a gravelly and more profound tone, and tune your voice to make it as seductive as possible when they least expect it. Try to do these when out for dinner or lunch at some crowded restaurant.

  • Make dirty jokes using innocent small talks

Everybody, and especially women, love a sense of humour. Though escorts know most of the tricks and tips men apply to appear attractive, catching them off-guard is not as difficult as it seems. Make a dirty joke out of something innocent or the most boring small talk you both engage in. It will not only make her pay more attention, but it will also definitely get her more turned on. When in public, you will have a whole lot of opportunities to make naughty jokes.

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  • Communicate with her well to know her kinks and things she would like to be done to her

Not many call girls get asked what they want their clients to do. Just that simple gesture of asking them what they would like turns them on because you are being considerate. Once you know at least some of their ideas, be subtle about them, but take action. For example, if she likes to be touched on her butt, move up behind her and give a slight, gentle squeeze, making it evident for her to understand. Remember to be sudden yet subtle about it.

  • Talk to her about all the naughty scenarios you would want her in, in public

When out together, talk to her about all the dark, secret fantasies you have that you would want to do in public. Tell her if you would like to have sex with her against a wall where anybody could discover you or if you would like to bend her over a park bench and have rough sex with her. Talking dirty is always a win-win, but describing actual, crazy fantasies is a cherry on top.

  • Make it evident that you can be the powerful, alpha male she secretly wants to have

Without being rude or aggressive, make it evident that you are pretty powerful if you want to be, and you will have a lot of opportunities when you are out with her in public. Show her that you can dominate her in bed by being subtly dominating in public because most women are on the submissive side. Be highly confident, and be clear that you are here to have a good time because you can and not because you need to.

  • After the initial communication, make subtle physical contact to turn her on

Hold her extra tightly by the waist or lower back and use your hands to touch more intimate parts like the side boobs or the butt from above the clothes during hugs. If possible, kiss her as passionately as possible on getting a chance and touch her upper thighs, closer to her intimate area, when you sit beside her. Let her know that she is in for a ride of a lifetime.

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  • Engage in some essential foreplay

When in public, foreplay is not easy, but you can make it happen. For example, if you both are sitting at a park or by a river, ask her to move onto your lap and get comfortable there. Then, you can touch her in more intimate places without being obvious, rub your crotches together, talk dirty directly into her ears, and the idea of being seen by many people will seduce her.

  • Let her know about your sexual adventures

Talk to her in detail about all the crazy stuff you have ever done in your life. Tell her about all the crazy positions you have tried having sex in and how you can make her orgasm. Also, remember to tell her how good you can be with your mouth and fingers. Women love this in general, and an escort does not always get a chance to be touched like this. So, the idea of this part instantly turns them on.

  • Maintain hygiene and be well-dressed

One thing to remember is that escorts and call girls are not regular prostitutes in brothels. These women demand hygiene as one of the top requirements and would be pleased if you could be well dressed. So clean yourself up well, and wear something sexy to have her hooked on you and make her want to have you.

By this time, most escorts should be turned on enough to have sex with you. A Goa escort prefers luxurious hotels, while a Goa call girl can even visit your place if you want them to. So, take her back to whichever location you find suitable, and get into action! With all the effort you have put in till now, you will have one of the best experiences of your life.

These are some great tips when trying to seduce an escort in general. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that they are very experienced people in seduction, and thus you have to be good at what you do to make them weak in their knees. Therefore, it is more important to focus on how well you are doing than how many techniques you use to seduce them. Good luck with having some fantastic nights!

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