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Various Positions to Make your Partner Squirt

If you are new to sexual stuff, you might not know about terms such as squirting. If you are one of them, then let me clear out that squirting is an action that occurs within a woman. During this action, once the women have a big orgasm, fluid will start to come from her urethra (mainly through her G spot). Well, you must be like yeah, it’s just another way of giving your girl an orgasm but trust me on this when I say that normal orgasm is different. This is because you won’t squirt under your ordinary orgasm. The orgasm must be big to cause urinary incontinence, and fluid will start coming from the urethra.

Best positions for making your girl squirt

Sex is also subjective, as you might find something arousing while your partner might not. Many females like to get tortured or pinned down during sex, also known as BDSM. Like this, in the BDSM part, many girls and some males want their partner to squirt, and then the guy will drink the fluid that comes out from the urethra of the girl while squirting. Let’s say that you are single and in Goa and crave sex; then you can opt for the Goa escort services or Goa call girl services.

As you can see, the craze for squirting is enormous, so if you are interested in making your partner squirt, then here are some of the sexual positions that you can try out during your intercourse to make your partner squirt- 

  1. The G-spot position

The G spot is where usually very weak during sexual activities. This spot will allow the male partner to put his dick even further into the vagina than what is possible in the other positions. This position also provides the best angle through which you can perfectly stimulate the G spot of your female partner.

The main thing in this position is to move her ass properly. You need to remember that the positioning of her ass will dictate the rest of your sex and squirting, so it’s essential. You need to elevate her butt a bit; you can lift her up on your own or elevate her ass by placing a pillow below it. You need to lay her on the bed, lift her legs in the air and then penetrate her by keeping while being on your knees. Finally, you need to find the rhythm of your penetration by placing her legs on your chest.

  • The bouncing spoon

Unlike the G spot position, the bouncing spoon position is pretty easy, but just like the G spot position, it will help you have a lot of fun in the bed by adding some spices. To get into the bouncing spoon position, you just need to sit upright on your bed and put your partner on your top. This will help you to play with her until you are satisfied, and you can try different angles and see what works the best for you two. With this position, your dick can hit the wall of her vagina, which will take her closer to a great orgasm.

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Once your partner sits on you while penetration, your hands will be free to play with her naked body. You can try to play with her nipples while penetrating her. This could end up increasing the chances of her getting a big orgasm.

  • The jockey position

This position got its name from the way you look while penetrating her. While penetrating her, you would look like a jockey riding on a horse. In this position, your partner will need to be lying down on her stomach and her legs straight. Pull her thighs away and then start the penetration.

While in this position, it is not that easy to stimulate the G spot position. For stimulating her G spot, you need to move as forward as possible to her but then push your dick as much as possible in her vagina. Just like any other position, try different angles and see what works the best for you and at what angle your girl gets the best orgasm. If you are in Goa and need a female partner with whom you can have these good sexual activities, then you can contact Goa escorts or the Goa call girls.

  • The crab sex position

During this position, the female partner will be above you and leaning backward with the support of her hand, which will be placed behind her. This might look very simple, but trust, it’s all about the angle as it would stimulate the G spot of your girl perfectly as you would have wanted.

It is great for females who have little control during penetration, along with being great for males as they will have a great view while penetrating. One thing to know is that this position might be a bit uncomfortable as it will need you to bend a bit which is why trying different angles is so important. This is because, with a little tweak, you can completely change the game.

  • Doggy style

It is the most famous sexual position in the entire world. There are many ways you can go forward with this position, but normally the girl should face her backside while being on her knees and her ass in front of you. You just need to put your dick in her vagina and thrust it as deeply as possible by moving as close to her ass. There are many ways through which you can spice it a bit. One of the ways would be by getting her ass as up as possible.

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Sex is very addictive if you are with the right person who can hit the right spots in your body. We know that when a male enters his dick into the vagina of a female, she feels a lot of pain, but along with the pain, she will have a sweet feeling if the male his dick can hit the proper spots. It is known that the lovely feeling will increase the much the dick enters the vagina. Once you have got the feeling of orgasm, you can’t forget it, which is why many males and mainly females crave to get a good orgasm from their partner. 

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