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Making Oral Sex More Fun!

Oral sex, the most taboo in the history of sex, has now become the most enjoyable sexual activity gen-z performs. Oral sex or oral intercourse is the act of having sex without penetration. It is the way of exciting the other person’s genitals with mouth, saliva, tongue, and finger. Mainly there are three types of oral sex – cunnilingus, fellatio, and anilingus.

Cunnilingus is the way of the exciting vulva, vagina, and urethral areas. Fellatio is the process by which the penis is excited. At the same time, anilingus is the oral sex performed at the anus. Any other methods that include other body parts such as the neck and abdomen aren’t considered oral sex.

Blowjob, the King of Oral Sex

Fellatio, famous as a blowjob, is one of the most popular and accessible oral sex couples perform. Blowjob is limited to heterosexual or gay couples, where the penis is involved. Lesbians, unfortunately, cannot participate in blowjobs. The process is as follows:

  • Make your partner erotic by having naughty talks or watching porn together. It will charge him up and arouse his sexual pleasure.
  • Now, rub the hand against the pant and slowly put the pant down. Start vigorously scraping your partner over the underpants and pull it down in a fraction of a second.
  • The penis should get erect due to increased blood flow. Stroke and pat the penis and then slowly take your mouth near it. Put the dick inside your mouth and suck it to the full extent.
  • Drench the penis with your thick saliva and try to suck out the white semen. Don’t stop rubbing your hand against the penis. Drag it up and down while sucking.

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Licking the Sacred Pussy

Cunnilingus or pussy licking is a prevalent form of arousal. People find it uncomfortable, but if you start it once, you’ll worship the process. A gay couple can’t perform it as it requires a vagina.

  • Start by rubbing and squeezing your partner’s vagina. Slowly but steadily, move your hand in a clockwise manner. Try it to cover up all the spots of the pussy.
  • Now, put your middle finger inside the vaginal hole. Move it in and out, and you’ll find some vaginal liquid if your process is correct.
  • Followed by the squirting, start licking the pussy with your entire soul. Treat it as ice cream or candy, lick around the pussy, and suck the muscles around it. Put your tongue inside the hole even, thereby boosting up the ambiance.

Anilingus, the all-round action

Anus licking is the most versatile act and can be done between heterosexual and homosexual couples. It just requires an anus and some good skills.

  • Anilingus requires good positions. Preferably cowgirl and the doggy style cuts above the rest.
  • Part the two hips with your hand, fur your finger, and feel the hole. Now put your mouth inside it.
  • Try to touch the inside muscles with your tongue and make the region wet with your saliva. You can put toys to make the hole accessible as they are tightened up with the glut muscles.

How to Make Oral Sex More Fun?

  • Slow Down

While kissing or playing with the genitals, don’t rush. Slow down the process of oral sex. Help your partner to seduce and get orgasms. Remember, these require time and thus elongate the process for a more extended period.

  • Noise Making

Moaning or making other sounds during oral sex is appealing. It will not only excite you and help you to get an orgasm but also enthuse your partner. Besides moaning, some women also shout out of pleasure.

  • Using teeth

Scratching or pulling your partner’s crotch can make it desirable. During fellatio or cunnilingus, scraping helps. Do remember human beings like roughness in sex.

  • Use hands

People generally consider the tongue the sword of oral sex. Meanwhile, using your hands and fingers escalates the desires. Start fingering the vagina with your two middle fingers. The technique involved here is called squirting.

  • Use toys

Using sex toys can be more engaging and helps you to intensify the atmosphere. Sex toys include vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and much more. Rub the vibrators intensely, and don’t forget to max the speed for a wholesome experience. For dildos, it is preferable to those with dot formation and brittle.

  • Prostate massage

For better oral sex, massage the prostate of males. Pull the pubic hair, which would stimulate sexual pain. In the case of females, licking the thighs and the crotch, including the torso region is the best. Fill the areas with your saliva and make your partner feel the best intimacy.

  • Eye contact

Light a dim light rather than making the room completely dark. This way, you can make eye contact with your partner. Before starting any act of oral sex, look in your partner’s eyes. It releases oxytocin hormone, responsible for better bond formation between the couples.

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Kama sutra, the ancient Indian book that deals with marriage, intimacy, and love, also describes oral sex. The process is first to kiss the genitals and make the areas erotic. Now, make it wet with saliva or the lubes in modern days. Playing with the clitoris, the female pleasure spot has also been mentioned in this ancient book. The Ancient Roman people considered fellatio more shameful than anal sex. Oral sex was considered a scandalous practice. On the other hand, old Chinese people treated it as a way of improving longevity. Oral sex was described as a spiritually fulfilling practice. But nowadays, it has been widespread and considered a critical approach to showing love.

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