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Tips to have a perfect beach sex

Are you in love with beaches? Why not try having sex at one of your favorite beaches today or tomorrow. Isn’t this interesting to have sex amidst the sea and beneath the blue sky. Lets us know about few tips to take care for having sex at the beach:

Verify that it is lawful

The most efficient approach to put an immediate end to the “vibe” is to be arrested (real handcuffs are way less sexy than furry ones, after all). Before having sex in public, you should, in Expert says, “make sure you grasp the regulations surrounding having sex in a public context.” A big part of what makes it so exciting is indeed being sexually involved in a possibly unlawful scenario, but it’s not worth the chance of getting a criminal record.

Seek out a beach that is hidden away in a far-off location:

It’s conceivable that this information is already widely known, but just in case, you shouldn’t try to complete any job on a crowded beach. The best is a secluded area where “you can let loose and avoid someone walking by. Even though you might have to wait until nightfall to find a deserted beach. There is nothing more romantic than making out in the moonlight. Goa escort services can help you find the right beach to enjoy the intimacy you want.

Be prepared

Reaching out for a balance between the two is important since you want to be spontaneous but don’t want to get sand (or anything else) in your vagina or penis. Expert advises assembling a “little sex on the beach kit” with the following materials to increase your comfort level and lower the chance of friction burns.

  • a large blanket or a sand-proof blanket
  • a compact, folding towel

Although it is unnecessary, you should bring lubricant if you find it improves your sexual experience. In addition, Brito advises against substituting sunscreen for lubrication because doing so could result in an illness or damage latex condoms.

Wear clothing that is simple and easy to take off:

You want to wear something that is both attractive and practical. Yes, you want it to look attractive, but you also want it to serve a purpose. Wearing a sarong or stretchy shorts can be the best.

Be careful to choose a suitable setting for your beach sex:

Try to find a location with a level surface that is clear of debris. Keep your distance from the water to avoid being caught off guard by the tide if you are too close to it.

It would help if you leveled the sand before you settled in.

Sand is uneven, which doesn’t exactly provide for a perfect, smooth surface for sexual activities, so we should address that when we talk about leveling. Nothing is more painful than the lumps and bumps the sand makes when having sex on the beach. It would help if you tried to level the surface as much as possible with your feet or a shovel before laying your blanket or chair down. Before you nest, you might want to avoid using your hands since you don’t want the sand to get on them. Goa escorts are best in helping with their experience of having sex in the sand.

Make time for a little foreplay:

You don’t have to settle for a one-night stand just because you’re having sex on the beach. Instead, It is advised to cover your and your partner’s bodies with a little towel before you explore one another’s bodies. If you want to, use some coarse language there. Whatever fascinates you, “let your hands wander, let your imagination wander.”

With a cover, you may have manual or oral intercourse and have a tonne of pleasure without paying attention to yourself.

Make your place:

It pains me that not all beach sex positions are created equal. To reduce the possibility of sand entering unintended areas of the body. It is best to adopt “positions where your genitals are the farthest away from the sand, including doggy style.

Try the napping sex position in addition to that one because it is more concealing than the one you are now utilizing. Simple instructions are: “Get into a spooning position, as if you were about to take a nap, and rock back and forth until you find the rhythm that suits the two of you.”

If you have a beach chair with you, you may also do Cowgirl; you can either face your partner or face away from them. No matter what posture you choose, cover yourself with a tiny towel. Goa call girl services are best in giving you the experience on the beach which you can never forget.

Don’t panic if someone passes by; calm down:

This is the same circumstance in which the foldable towel comes in handy. As soon as you notice someone approaching you, take precautions to defend yourself and make an effort to appear as casual as possible, given the situation. It is also advised to pause during oral intercourse and rest your head on your partner’s thighs or stomach rather than completing the act. In a sexual relationship, you should cuddle up to one another rather than thrust. No one will ever know the truth…

After you’re done, give yourself some time to relax:

After you’ve worked up a sweat and been all worked up, nothing will feel better than a quick dip in the sea. Before getting in the ocean, she advises checking the waves to ensure they aren’t too choppy and then wiping yourself down with a dry towel. If cooling off in the water isn’t safe, you and your buddy can always take a cool shower when you get home.

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