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Having wild, creative sex can unlock the creative genius in you

Do you know that you are living in a box? This box is not physical, but it represents the limitations you have put on yourself. These limitations are fear of failure. They also describe the restrictions you have placed on yourself for fear of being ostracized by society. You have also unknowingly put restrictions on yourself due to the fear of being disowned by your family. The box you live in is also bound by the fear of not being accepted by your friends and colleagues. 

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What is creative sex?

Sex without a factor in it can get drab and boring. Creative sex can be sex positions, funny pillow talk, having sex at odd places, changing partners, etc. Creative sex can stoke your burning desire to break the shackles that bind you to your self-imposed limitations. Your mind gets stimulated in a new way whenever you explore sex in all its boundless glory. Trying out different new sexual positions can also work to bring a fresh lease of life to your relationship.

Letting her ride a heating pad with a vibrator beneath it before having sex

A significant challenge in a relationship is keeping the spark alive. Exploration between the sheets amplifies emotional intimacy, but you do not have to restrict yourself to activity between the sheets only.

You need a heating pad, a stool with a cushion cover, and a vibrator for this activity. The vibrator needs to be taped to the chair, and the heating pad needs to be put over it. Watching your partner have an orgasm is also a delightful experience. The woman in the relationship will feel cared for. Just let her go ahead and ride the apparatus to a glorious orgasm. You can then make love and have a few more rounds of sex as a woman is usually ready for another orgasm after she has one.

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Men and women respond to sex and orgasm differently. Men feel tired and need downtime after orgasm. On the other hand, women encourage partners to take risks and grow together. This kind of novel sex will encourage you both to be more intimate with each other. 

Use a sex doll

The best sex is always beyond the boundaries. It is almost like exploring a territory that you have not been to before. The sex doll was invented for soldiers to satisfy their sexual urges while away from their partners. Sex is also a great stress-reliever. The sex doll relieved life’s stressors and made homesickness more bearable.

You can explore all kinds of positions with a sex doll. With a sex doll, you don’t have to worry about getting into odd places that might hurt your partner. The sex doll will not complain and will not demand anything in return. 

Exploring sex life with an inanimate object can be just the creative sexual freedom you seek. Make sure you try out all the sex positions you have dreamed of. You have so many options with a sex doll that your imagination can run wild. This sex romp with beauty will also enable unlocking your latent creative side. The experience of going at it alone will also make you feel more empowered. You can get creative and mix it up on your own, too. You can take on many positions while playing with a doll. 

Exchanging partners

It is a very well-researched fact that watching your partner get an orgasm from someone else while you are giving an orgasm to someone is an experience most people find wildly excited about.

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You can discuss with your partner the potential enjoyment and find a willing couple who will participate in your group exchange sex romp. You also have the option of hiring escorts who will be able to spice up your sex life.

Group sex

Group sex gives a unique and fantastic high. You can join a group sex activity with friends and acquaintances you trust. You can also use the option of hiring gorgeous people from a reputed escort service. You must employ the exemplary escort service that will send you beautiful, sexy people and ensure your privacy. 

If you are a single man or woman, you can also opt for a special kind of group sex. You can ask an escort agency for a Harem sex experience as a single man. Ask the escort agency for a reverse-Harem sex experience if you are a single woman. 

Kings and Queens indulged in the Harem sex. In the Harem sex scenario, a single king or queen was pleasured by a group of people of their choice. This modern Harem sex experience will make you feel like a King or Queen. 

Random Sex toys

Many sex toys like an artificial vibrating penis, artificial vagina, butt plugs, etc., are available on the market. You can use sex toys to spice up your sex life.

Bouts of spanking alternated with bouts of sexual pleasure 

Human beings get bored very quickly. The alternate sensations of pain and pleasure are ideal for having a wildly energizing sexual experience. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to ensure that your partner gets stimulated but does not get physically harmed by the spanking they receive.

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Creative sex will let you smash the box that restricts you.

Sex is essentially a union between two or more human beings. If you can unshackle yourself during your sexual romps, this newfound freedom will also spill over to your personal and professional life. This will help you perform better at work and play. You can rest assured that having creative sex will ensure you can think out of the box and solve what others cannot. 

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