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Tie her up and control her full body

It is accurate that every girl loves to be dominated while having intercourse on the bed. Especially the Goa call girls, they are just mad to be dominated by someone real harsh and experienced on the bed. This leads them to perform their best and satisfy you, making the night worth remembering. Just tie the Goa escort and play with her clitoris for a bit; see the magic after you do this thing. So many ways will help you to dominate and control your girl over the bed, which will satisfy both of you and fulfills your desires.

So, check out the best ways to help you dominate your Goa call girl while keeping them tied up in the corner of the bed.

  1. Make her feel safe first

Dominating sometimes involves pain, so let your girl trust you first and then come up with your best shots of generating a painful experience that will lead both of you to moan at your best. Do not go harsh from the start; keep a slow pace. Tie her up gently and then begin with her face and slowly go down by increasing the pressure of your tongue or fingers. Once she gains that trust, she will give you her control without hesitation.

  • Have a gentle approach

Experience matters a lot in this process, including healthy, gentle behavior. Many newbies start the process by being very harsh while tying up. But that is not the case, be a gentleman and tie her up while the process continues. Let her moan and groan at the same time together so that she can also feel the painful intercourse with fun. Do not give your girl too much pain at the beginning, which might result in losing faith.

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  • Start the process slowly

You must always start the process at a firm pace and tie her up by bounding all her sensual parts to help her generate the feeling from the initial phase. After tying her, tease her body for a long time and provoke her to moan about being deeper and louder. Then, explore the areas of her body with a firm touch and let her moan with satisfaction.

  • Use your best skills

After you have tied up your girl, showcase all your primary and sexy skills that will let her beg you to dominate her. Just do not make the scenario awkward for both of you. Carry on with whatever you know and are best at. Suck her sensual parts, lick gently and wave your palm over her nipples and clitoris to urge that sensation overtime on the bed. So, get up and showcase your best skills on the bed while controlling her.

  • Fantasize a scenario

If you cannot pull up your skills, then fantasize a scenario and go for roleplay with your girl so that it can let her imagine the aromatic process, lounge herself over you, and let you dominate her. Also, try to involve the tying up and domination while the intercourse as the ache adds up to the moan and intensifies the intensity of intercourse. If you can afford some clothes related to the imagined scenario, it can help you a lot to get into the feeling much more quickly.

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  • Use sex toys

Use some sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, and nylon handcuffs and explore her sensual parts of the body to generate the moan. Tease her with the help of those toys and develop the painful experience, which will give you a good boner before the intercourse. Sex toys have a terrific advantage over sensitive areas. Just tie him up and rub the vibrator on the clitoris and the nipple area to tease her.

  • Try something new

Ask your girl and initiate the domination as per her desires. Tie her up and listen to her desires, perform accordingly and keep up with the pace and pressure. It might be a bit silly initially, but later it will give you the best experience. Control her the way she wants you to control her and urge that painful experience. Also, try risky or difficult positions while your girl is tied up to make the process fascinating. Finally, merge the domination with your wildest fantasies and let you and your girl enjoy intercourse.

  • Make sure she is comfortable with the process

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Just ask your girl before you go up with some dominating move. Sometimes girls who do not like domination face issues, and they cannot satisfy either. So, ask her about her feelings while she is bounded and give her total control to her partner. The Goa escorts have the best feeling while tied up. They like to surpass their control over the other person and enjoy the domination.

  • Let your girl relax

Tease your girl’s body and let her relax during the domination. Suppose you make them relaxed while dominating; they love the process even more and ignite their moans deeper, which results in the best feeling while having sex. Also, create some suspense and touch on the sensitive regions, which the girls like.

Hence, these are the main points and ways to keep in mind while tying your girl and taking control of her body. Always have a gentle approach at the beginning to that she can gain her faith in you. Include the tying process while having intercourse as it intensifies while having sex. If you cannot pull out, then go for a roleplay scenario to help her get into the urge and moan louder. Sometimes listen to your girls’ desires which can help you to get control over them and initiate the painful experience.

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So, a start-up with a slow pace and keep up the domination slowly to take complete control of her to give her the best feeling of the intercourse that will make her beg for dominating her always.

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