The primary concern meantime in entering the escort industry is the circumstances. An individual needs to be aware of the terms and conditions and all the measures required to process for your satisfaction. Before maintaining a service and client relationship with any Goa Escorts Service, ensure to grab a glimpse of terms and conditions. If you are worried about what measures are required to follow, how they will process, what if the identity gets into the assignments, etc. – the solution is Goa Dreams here for you. 

While you are booking Goa Escorts; meantime you have agreed to some terms and conditions. Here in the forthcoming paragraphs, we will mention Goa Escorts Service Terms and conditions you have to consider while booking the girl. Continue reading so that you won’t get any negative influence from our service’s end. 

Adult Services only for 18+ Age 

In all the criteria of physical satisfaction or the escort service in Goa, the Age required is 18 or 18+. If anyone below 18 acquires the service. You will be sentenced to punishment. That offense is not accountable to us. Nobody is allowed to expect any liberation from our end. We are not responsible for any actions you already knew it’s an offense. Don’t try to do any fraudulent activity for proof too. When you are caught in this, we will not support our customers. All the call girls in Goa are verified and 18+, albeit. You can book escorts in Goa from our website through call, WhatsApp, or email. 18+ Age is required to attain adult services; so it better is to try when you are legitimate for the purpose. 

Payment Mode and Conditions 

We accept online and offline payment modes to book Goa Escorts. Ensure your UPIs are working appropriately. If there is any technical glitch while making a UPI payment, our Goa Escorts Service is not accountable for anything. We recommend the customer to go with cash payment. We do follow NO ADVANCE PAYMENT METHOD. When the girl reaches the doorstep, she gets satisfied with her recognition. If you feel like, “Yeah, she is the one,” – pay hand to hand for grasping the service. Rest it’s all your call. Please make the payment according to your convenience, but still, we prefer cash payment.  

Health Concern 

Our call girls in Goa are entirely safe and secure regarding health hygiene. There is no issue with her health or hygiene matter. Before and after every intercourse, she cleaned herself and private areas appropriately. She uses disinfectants and other washes for more hygiene and prevention from health diseases. Going under the girl is favorable. So, the customer can consider her with no second thoughts regarding health. 

Moreover, Goa Escorts used to get their complete medical check-in between the continuous period for better precautions and safe service. In the current COVID-19 scenarios, we got all the chicks in Goa double vaccinated. You must check on yourself, though, for health and hygiene matters before the sexual activity with Goa Girls. If you still catch any disease, our service and girls are not responsible for that. So make sure you get your health check-up done before sleeping with our girls; so that there are no chances left for any health problems.  

Personal Details are confidential. 

Everyone is concerned about their exact details when about to book Goa Escorts. Well, the concern is appropriate, and everyone should think of it. We are too worried about your confidentiality and satisfaction from girls and service, though. Our agency would love to sustain over clients, and that is why we believe in serving the best possible service. No denial; we need your details if you book Goa Escorts. Meantime, all the personal information is secured in our database. None can reach the data, as it comes in encrypted form. 

Final Verdict 

When booking Goa Escorts, keep all the above-demonstrated terms and conditions in mind. It will help keep the transparency between customers and escort service in Goa. Book hot chicks in Goa with no hesitation.